Characteristics of natural decorative stone

Since in recent years the interest of people in natural materials has increased, the decorative stone began to acquire very wide demand. It is used to cover the walls of the dwellings, cladding of fireplaces, create some decorative structures. But what are the advantages of this material over others?

In addition to the already mentioned natural origin, natural decorative stone differs and a mass of other advantages. In particular, he is incredibly durable. Therefore, cladding from it can serve without problems for 20 or 30 years. During this time, apartments in St. Petersburg may be required, but it will not be very significant.

Another advantage of the material – it provides very great opportunities for decorating. Natural stone is characterized by a unique appearance, so the finish from it always turns out to be original. Very high prestige is attributed to the stone, so it emphasizes the status of the owner.

But I will have to say about the disadvantages of the material, which, unfortunately, can be found a lot. In particular, the weight of natural decorative stone is quite large. This complicates both its transportation and styling. The cost of the material makes it inaccessible to many.