Universal foundation technology TISE

TISE foundation is a pile-lent. Its feature is that the foundation itself is suspended above the ground. This is required so that the frozen soil does not squeeze out the entire building from below during explulation. Today it is one of the cheapest technologies for the construction of foundations. The cost of such a foundation is several times lower than the ordinary strip and pile foundations, as it requires lower costs for material and preliminary work.

Thanks to TISE technology, the foundation can be laid as you like. All work can be done independently, or you can entrust the team of workers. Construction companies specializing in the foundations of TISE technology have many different options on the account of how to reduce the cost of installing it. The peculiarity of this foundation is that it is performed by the TISE special bromine. With the help of this, the pile expanding the support of the pile, due to which the bearing capacity of the pile increases. And at the same time, it is excluded by its pushing out of the ground when it freezes. Although in the process you can use other drilling devices, Bour-Tise is most suitable, since it is imprisoned precisely for this work and will give the desired effect.

The main advantage of this type of foundation is that it can be installed on any type of soil. The exception is only “floating” soil. The plus is that when working with such a foundation, it will not be necessary to make pits and take drains. In this case, special equipment will remain in this case. After all the work is completed, the foundation is obtained, which lies on poles (stumps), and they, in turn, protrude above the ground to a height of up to half a meter. The author of this technology of the foundation is the foundation, Yakovlev Rashid Nikolaevich.

The construction of the foundation using technology TISE