How to make a roof

First you need to determine the attic in the house or not. Traditionally houses were built with attic premises. They served to store old things, just as well retained heat, provided not bad ventilation. Due to the attic, the reliability of the roof increases, however, the construction of the attic increases the cost of the box if compared with the house with the attic. Therefore, at home the attic is built much more often. The attic is a dwelling. The ceiling in the attic is the roof. With the apparent simplicity of the construction of such roofs, there are many technological subtleties that must be taken into account. Firstly, it should be borne in mind that during the construction of the attic roof, moisture falls not only from above, in the form of rain and snow, but also from below, in the form of condensate. That is the condensate settles on the inner surface of the roof. To prevent this, during the construction of the attic roof, it is necessary to install a vapor protection layer that does not allow warm air to the tiles, in addition, the tile should be well ventilated. Otherwise, moisture will penetrate the room based on this, you can choose what to build, attic or attic.