Plumbing: mixer repair

Flowing the mixer

Repair of plumbing during work as an experienced professional may not take a lot of time, but to demand significant monetary investments for the acquisition of expensive components and the work itself. And if the first point is unlikely to do something, then each repairs are able to carry out on their own. Below will be considered the option of repairing the crane mixer, as well as tips for installing and connecting a washing machine.

If the mixer gives a leak, and as a result of this, water is constantly pouring from the tap, a laying that requires a replacement is to blame for everything. Replacement most often solves all problems, will allow the tap to serve for a long time. It is worth closing the main valve that controls the supply of cold (hot) water to the crane. Next, turn the head and gently put the gasket out of the valve. Gently replace the gasket, wind it with 2-3 turns of the fum tape, then turn the head back. The crane is ready to use. If the pipe roar is heard after turning on, the gasket is also to blame, it should be carefully cut at an angle of about 45 degrees. Also, a small pebble can also get into the crane, which will cause similar symptoms, you only need to carefully extract it out, replacing the gasket in this case is not required.

Connecting a washing machine

It is recommended to connect a washing machine, only being completely confident, in its own abilities. For installation, you will need a piece of pipe (diameter is 15 mm), closing valves (2 pieces), a tee (2 pieces). The pump water drain in the washing machine often does not reach the siphon entrance, so an additional sewer pipe may be required. Before installation, you need to temporarily block cold and hot water, and then completely remove and turn up the taps, clean the pipes. When installing, you need to clearly follow the instructions and technical passport of the washing machine. After all the events, you need to carefully check the presence of leaks, if they are not – the device is ready for the original wash, dirty linen can be loaded into the washing machine.