Features of doors from aluminum alloys

The industry of the entrance doors made of metal is currently divided into two large segments – some of the manufacturers make metal entrance doors made of steel, and part of aluminum alloys. Moreover, among the first, a rather serious separate niche is also occupied by companies that produce doors using stainless steel in the construction market. They are also divided according to constructive solutions that all manufacturers use different ones, but they all position their products as optimal operation and protective properties.

Metal doors made of aluminum are produced by a huge number of manufacturers around the world and are distinguished by the entire attributes characteristic of protective entrance doors – they install a reliable lock of Kale or another company, and most often in the amount of two pieces, as well as modern locks that control access by code of code , fingerprint or card. Almost from steel doors, aluminum structures are not different in decoration, despite the fact that the techniques of aluminum gives much more opportunities in terms of decorative and functional elements.

However, it is not entirely correct to say that aluminum doors, the level of protection against hacks and penetrations provide approximately the same as the steel ones, are still aluminum alloys in hardness and mechanical strength are very inferior enough, especially since today professional crackers have more often all with you not only special tools for opening locks. They also use devices that open access to locking elements directly through the door leaf.

From the advantages of the aluminum doors, their resistance to corrosion can be distinguished, that is, without mechanical damage, such doors will last longer steel and are more appropriate where the protection is provided with additional mechanisms or structures or a security post.