Methods of strengthening the coast

Any ancient settlement was formed in the immediate vicinity of any reservoir-river, lake or sea. However, the water that carries life can also become uncontrolled destructive power. Therefore, the issues of strengthening the coast have worried a person since ancient times. This is also relevant in the modern world, where not only cars and air conditioners have already appeared, but also improved coastalization systems. We will talk about such methods in the article.

First of all, it must be understood that the strengthening of the coastline should be carried out prophylactically even when it seems that there is no danger. After all, ultimately the collapse of the shores and the settings of the soil in this zone can be destructive not only for the site and plants growing on it, but also for structures and people who are here. However, even if you have not taken measures in advance, and some destruction has already begun, they can still be stopped.

One of the most popular ways to strengthen the coast is a pile method in which the shore is strengthened by logs. This fortification has a very aesthetic appearance, and the logs of oak or larch are quite strong and durable in operation. This method is suitable for natural and artificial reservoirs, it is the least expensive and very practical.

Another option is to use to strengthen gabion. This method is appropriate in such climatic conditions for which wooden logs are not suitable, as well as in cases when it comes to too wet soils and when strong destruction has already begun. Gabion is a kind of mattress of metal mesh with a filling of stone or crushed stone. Such mattresses reliably strengthen the layers of the soil, they do not sag even with a strong current or waves.

Another option is to strengthen the coast with plastic piles. This is the most modern method in which the piles are screwed into the ground and are reliably interconnected. Thus, you can perform a dense wall to support the soil near the shore.