How to make a floor screed correctly

Any floor covering requires preliminary surface preparation. In order for such a coating to lay well and last for more than a dozen years, it is necessary that you do the right preparation. To do this, it will be necessary to make a fairly even screed, which will be the supporting basis of your gender.

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Before you start making a screed, you will need to prepare the floor surface and clean it from garbage, if there is such an opportunity, then this surface is best to be sustained. Then, using a laser beam, you should determine how much it will be necessary to apply the solution in one place or another. As soon as the marking is over, you will have to use a special solution, which will allow the screed it is better to grab and hold on tightly.

In order for the screed to be as high -quality and do not crack in the future, it is best to use a special reinforced grid. In order to perform a screed, you should use a sand-cement mortar. This solution will be laid on the basis of the floor, and its thickness will depend on how much the floor has great bumps.