We create the effect of marble walls!

If you value classical elegance in the design of residential premises, then you should pay your attention to the reception of ordinary walls for marble! To do this, you only need initial repair skills and marble plaster.

Marble is old -fashioned and heavy? Not at all! With modern materials, you can visually turn your own four walls into a real Greek palace or into Italian chambers. Such walls look very noble and make the situation more stylish. Classic color option is cream clay, but the market offers to choose additives for marble plaster 22 shades. An ideal solution will be the use of several options for shades when decorating the premises!

Preliminary work to give the walls of the marble effect: clean the surface that you want to give the effect (especially the angles), cover the floor and furniture with a protective film. The processed surface should be smooth, dry, solid and without pollution. The covered walls are covered with acrylic paints, the roughness of the paint must be removed. Buy marble plaster in the desired shade. Together with acrylic paints, you can use decorative, for example, one wall be painted with acrylic paint, and the other – decorative. This combination will make the interior original and unusual. The marble effect will look beautiful with the effect of sandy whirlwinds that this decorative paint gives.

So, we create the effect of marble walls.

First step: apply a small amount of marble plaster to a special spatula, distribute it on the wall with short movements so that the smears do not intersect. Strokes should be diagonally. Let the surfaces dry and remove irregularities with paper for grinding. For such purposes, 180 granulation is best suited.

After removing the irregularities, it is necessary to complete the work that has begun, having plastered the already spotted walls so that there are no missed places. Having completed the process of applying plaster, let the walls dry and repeat the procedure for removing irregularities.

Step two: take and add a shade to the main marble plaster! Apply short strokes on the wall with a spatula. They should be located close to each other – the closer, the stronger the visual effect will be. Dry the wall again and remove possible “ribs” from the applied plaster. Do it extremely carefully! Then cascade mileage the gaps between the strokes of the second layer. Remember: the more layers you apply to your walls, the more realistic they will look, and the color shade will be more intense! After drying, draw a cleaned spatula along the surface of the wall along and across, the pressure should be weak. Thus, a shine appears on the wall, which is characteristic of natural marble.

You can use only ready -made marble plaster or additionally use shades that will give your room a large personality. The finished plaster will act as the main tone, which you individually shade with additives from tubes of 125 milliliters. The main marble plaster goes on sale in buckets of 5 liters. At both stages of work, 250-400 timplayers will take. If before applying the material you poorly processed the walls, then the consumption of plaster is doubled. After completing the work, wash the spatula thoroughly with water and immediately dry it.

Of course, marble plaster is easy to paint in conventional colors or poison the wallpaper on such walls if you want to change the style of decoration of the room.