Masonry of the walls of a house from shell

The shellout is a natural building material from which especially warm buildings are obtained. This building material was created by nature from sea shells compressed by time. The shell -wire is mined mainly in the Crimea, special mechanical installations are flatly cut into compressed strata of shells on briquettes with sizes from slag block.

The choice of the area for living is not simple. If you do not know in which area to buy an apartment, we recommend buying an apartment in the Odintsovo district. This area is very convenient in terms of infrastructure, communication and transport interchange.

This type of building material is especially warm and environmentally friendly. The only minus of this natural material is that the walls laid out from it need to be plastered, or to apply any other type of decoration to them. If the erected building from the shellout is left without applying finishing materials, then after the first winter the walls will begin to gradually collapse. The reason is that this material has a porous structure, water entering it in it in winter acts on the shell rather adverse.

The masonry of the shell -making is carried out on a conventional cement solution used to lay the walls of brick, or cinder block. Working with this material is very convenient and fast, since, unlike slag block and concrete, it is quite light in weight and convenient.