Scope and features of industrial sex

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Currently, the method of flooring in enterprises is given quite a lot of attention. The floor covering, regardless of the purpose of the room and functional purpose, is an element of the design of the internal space.

To create industrial floors, concrete mixture is used as a basis. For such floors, a cement-sand base is not used, due to the fact that the floors in buildings of this type should be high-strength, reliable, durable. Floors using concrete mixture and an armored upper layer are characterized by high strength indicators, operation without changing the initial characteristics and parameters. Industrial floors for a long time remain even, smooth. For industrial floors on a concrete basis using special additional materials, the following properties are inherent in: water resistance, acid resistance. These indicators allow you to significantly expand the scope of application.

Concrete floors are often found in storage facilities, in shopping centers, parking lots, logistics companies.

When creating flooring in industrial workshops, garages, car wash, car services, in those rooms where the floor experiences increased mechanical impact and is interacting with aggressive environments, additional requirements are imposed on industrial floors. Such floors should contain special components that make the flooring that are immune to the action of chemical components, solvents, gasoline, oil. An important floor indicator is high wear resistance. Industrial floors should be created in such a way that there is a minimum number of joints, seams on the surface of the flooring, the surface should be perfectly flat.