Preparation for cosmetic housing repair

Each home owner has to deal with his cosmetic repair. Before decorating the ceiling and walls, work is carried out on the preparation of their surfaces associated with the removal of old coatings, aligning and sealing cracks.

In apartment buildings, floors, as a rule, are blocked by reinforced concrete slabs. Therefore, the solution to the issue of the ceiling will depend on how exactly they are laid. If it has an even surface, then the preparation consists in the sealing of seams and cracks with a solution, with preliminary clearing and wetting them with water. When the solution dries, the ceiling puts down. For better adhesion of putty with the stove, its surface is treated with a primer. After the putty is completely dried, it is processed with an emery mesh and is discouraged. With significant changes in the marks of the ceiling plane, it is aligned. It is carried out by plastering using a solution or lining with sheet materials such as drywall, plywood, chipboard or fiberboard. Their fastening to the ceiling is carried out on a pre -prepared crate. The leveled surface is also subjected to priming and subsequent putty.

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To obtain a high -quality surface of the walls, all the old layers are removed from them: from previously glued old wallpaper, old paint, whitewashing and glue. All protruding nails and other protruding irregularities and objects are subject to removal. Alignment of irregularities and roughness is. The seals of the cracks are carried out with gypsum putty, with its subsequent stripping. Further wall processing is carried out depending on what material they will be covered. If wallpaper, then the surface is exhausted by blurring with warm water. If the painting is ahead, then the walls are primed, and then put down and processed by sand mesh.