Will real estate become more expensive due to growth in advertising costs?

In early September, some leading Internet platforms for real estate advertising raised prices for the publication of rental and sale ads. According to Doki experts, the growth of advertising costs may affect primarily realtors who are specialized in the rental of inexpensive facilities.

The time has passed when the only information about the rental or sale of real estate was posted by print publications. Currently, the vast majority of advertising, including professional ones, is available through the global network. Advertising on the Internet was able to push the crisis of 2008. Nevertheless, at present, having sensed demand, successful advertising sites have ceased to be cheap and have begun to raise prices for their services for real estate companies. This, of course, becomes the reason for the increase in costs from realtors. But if the cost of work increases, will the prices of these works increase? “Absolutely, this can cause the growth of the real estate commission, said Doki, director of Doki, Leonid Menshikov. – All this is due to the fact that realtors, as a rule, share the commission among themselves. I must say that most of all this can hit the economical segment of the market, since inexpensive objects actually make up the majority. There is a chance that in the near future the rates of the agency commission will increase “.

If in the elite and business segments the commission, as a rule, is paid by the owner of the object, then in the economy class everything is somewhat different. Owners are sure that this is the inheritance of the tenant. When the landlords pass the facilities, they do not want to pay commission payments to the agency, hoping that the tenant can do it for them, and forgetting that the tenant needs to pay at least three payments, this is a fee for the first month, reward to realtors and a security payment. At the same time, there are a lot of tenants left on the market who offer three -fold rental payments at once, most of those who rent housing have funds for paying for the first month, as well as paying for the security amount, and then, there are difficulties, since there are difficulties, since there are difficulties, since We are talking about the lowest price sector.

This state of affairs arose during the years of frantic growth of the real estate market, when there were not enough various objects. Tenants were ready to go to anything, including to pay more and the right apartment did not go away. Gradually everyone was accustomed to this, but the most amazing thing is that the crisis has not changed this situation. Now you only need to imagine that an agent reward can become even more.