Calculation of the flow of tiles

If the room is planned to be finished with tiles, it is important to correctly measure the area of ​​the future cladding and calculate the number of tiles. This task is not as complicated as it seems, however, the error can lead to the fact that there will be too many material or, conversely, there will not be enough several pieces, and the desired color will not be on sale.

To calculate the surface area for cladding, you will need a building level and a measuring roulette. Using the level, it is necessary to draw a line on vertically and horizontally, and then make measurements and calculate the area. It will not be superfluous to find out about the arthritis of the hip joint at leisure, this information is very useful.

The selected tiles should measure the parties and also calculate the area. Then the value of the area of ​​the cladding should be divided into the value of the area of ​​one tile. The resulting number is rounded up – this will be the required amount.

When buying the material, you should remember some reserve, which is laid “just in case” based on the method of cladding, as well as the quality of the tile itself. This is usually about 5 % of the material. Laying diagonally, an intricate pattern or not the highest quality of the tiles increase its flow rate by about 15 %. After conducting these simple calculations, you can save yourself from problems during the repair process.