Inert materials in construction: varieties, features of order and use

Non -regional inert materials are the basic component when performing any construction work. Without them, it is impossible to build an object that meets all the norms and requirements, lay the access roads to it, improve the adjacent territory. They are everywhere used in the field of decoration of premises, landscape design.

Inert materials must comply with GOST requirements, since their quality depends on the reliability and durability of the result of construction work. Due to the constant need for large volumes of this raw material, the supplier who owns the careers on the basis of ownership or lease should be chosen. This guarantees year -round production using special equipment, timely supply of construction site with these products.

Varieties and features of the use of non -metallic materials

Inert materials are divided into several main types:

gravel – is used in the arrangement of foundations, the construction of roads, embankments, filling the concrete mixture;

expanded clay – has high thermal insulation properties, therefore it is used as a filler for walls;

Sand is the basis for numerous solutions, mixtures, good drainage and filtering material for sewer systems;

Soil – suitable for landscaping and improvement of the house territory, the personal plot of the country cottage;

Salt – raw materials for cleaning water intake wells, which periodically performs the functions of anti -altogether reagent.

Some suppliers complement the listed list with marble materials. They are used in the construction of private houses and other facilities, perform decorative functions. These products are purchased in the form of crushed stone or crumbs, and one of the main directions of its use is the arrangement of concrete-brain floors. The coating obtained in this way combines environmental friendliness with wear resistance, fading.

How inert materials are supplied to construction sites

Depending on the specifics of the customer’s work, non -controversial materials can be delivered by placers or in a packaged form. In the first case, transportation is usually used by dump trucks, in the second, cars are selected depending on the number and volume of bags. Most often use KamAZ 55111, MAZ 6501 and 5551 cars. To meet the needs of all customers, the supplier company must have not only access to a career, but also its own fleet.