Squelly tractor in construction

The semi -trailers are different from the usual trucks that they do not have a trailer. For the transportation of semi -trailers, saddle tractors are used, which are devoid of hard attachment to the frame. Due to this, the maneuverability of the tractor increases, the wear of power elements and suspension decreases. A saddle tractor is able to transport various types of trailers (covered, on -board, platforms), which have different sizes. In this regard, the quiet is often called universal special equipment.

The cost of saddle tractors is quite high, because in their production modern technologies and high -quality details are used, which provide their high reliability and power. An excellent way out of this situation will be the purchase of a saddle tractor. The price of semi -trailers is more affordable, so it makes no sense to buy a semi -trailer of the former consumption. When choosing a tractor, many buyers are the question of choosing a foreign or domestic model. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. So, the purchase of a foreign production tractor is fraught with the execution of various documents, as well as the payment of duties. If you buy a tractor in our country, then it does not need to be distilled, and the purchase will be much easier.

It is worth noting that the conditions for using road transport in Europe and America are different from our. It is enough to take the same lubricants, diesel fuel and gasoline. In European countries, they meet all quality standards, in Russia such fuel is more an exception than the rule. As a result, the fuel system and engine wear out faster. You can also compare Russian roads and roads of developed countries of the world. Probably, you should not talk about the quality of roads in Russia, because everything is clear. In Europe, all roads are in excellent condition. Therefore, car suspensions have a different level of wear, as well as other conjugated elements.

The current situation needs to be evaluated. It is advisable to buy a truck tractor and a semi -trailer of foreign production, and not domestic. The resource of this vehicle is very large, it is designed to use in difficult road conditions without serious repair. As for repair work, they are expensive. In this regard, buying a Russian -made tractor, you can buy a cat in a bag. If you buy a truck tractor of foreign production, you can be sure that it has a large resource supply, deprived of worn parts and has high -quality spare parts.