Roof installation on the balcony from Golden Haus (Golden House)

If the balcony is located on the top floor, then the owner will have difficulties. Moisture, dirt and dust from above will begin to fall on the balcony. It will be difficult to glaze. Installing the roof on the balcony will solve the problem of the owner. The roof may also be required in situations when drains from the balconies are located above.

Roof installation is a work that should be entrusted to experienced specialists. Golden Haus can install a roof over a balcony or loggia, which will protect against dirt and moisture.

On the site you can see examples of such roofs.

Not only dirt enters the balcony. A lot of problems are delivered by birds. When the loggia has no roof, it ceases to be a cozy place. The Golden House company sets roofs from materials such as polycarbonate, corrugated board, ondulin and metal tile. Each of the materials has its own advantages. Choosing a type of roof, you need to focus on your own needs.

The roof of metal tiles must be mounted along with sound insulation, so that the rain on the roof does not create noise. Metal – the material is very durable, it withstands even mechanical influences. The metal tile is protected from corrosion and other external factors


Installing the roof on the balcony from corrugated board is a budget option. The material belongs to the category of economy. It is protected from corrosion, so it serves for a long time. The corrugated board has a zinc coating, this is one of the most popular materials not only in the manufacture of roofs. It is also advisable to install sound insulation under corrugated board.

Polycarbonate – light material based on polymers, which perfectly protects against all external factors. He does not miss moisture and ultraviolet. Polycarbonate does not need to mount a soundproof material. Ondulin has the advantages of metal tiles and polycarbonate. The material has small weight, resistant to moisture and temperature differences, while in the line of sheets of ondulin you can always find products of a suitable shade.

The quality of the roof depends not only on the material, but also on the professionalism of the installers. Proper mounting of the coating provides a long roof service life and reliable protection against external factors. Golden Haus guarantees the professional installation of roofing coatings. The roofs installed by employees of the company are not only aesthetic and reliable, but also economical. The client does not have to overpay.

You can see the details of the roof on the roof on the roof here-ustanovka-kryshi-na-bank. HTML and going to the website of the Golden House company you can order the installation of the roof on the balcony at a good price. Come in!